Did you know building real estate with us can generate returns of up to 21% annually?

With returns on your investment in as little as 3.5 years

Experiencing a delayed return on your investments?

If your current investment projects are not providing the financial returns you desire, or if you have the capacity to invest in a property, PROYECTOS GRAND ® is a real estate investment platform with the best interest rates. This ensures that owning a property with appreciation guarantees you exponential benefits through sales and leasing with higher returns.

We guide you every step of the way, handling all the complex procedures and providing you with total certainty as we market your properties’ attractive and functional qualities in the market.

Optimally balancing each element.

Looking to generate capital?

Once a real estate project is in development, we take care of marketing it.
Utilizing the Hypergenia® methodology, your financial returns are systematically, securely, and exponentially generated.

Want to build a legacy?

The Hypergenia® methodology empowers property owners to lease their properties promptly and efficiently at competitive rates. This approach offers both functionality to tenants and equilibrium in pricing.

6 million

Residential complexes.

12 million

Residential complexes.

25 million

Residential complexes, offices, mini-warehouses, and local markets.

50 million

Offices, mini-warehouses, and local markets.

100 million


200 million


Your Investments — Not a Game of Chance.

You don't need to invent something new or decipher formulas! The liquidity or cash flow you need can be obtained from your real estate investments, using methodologies based on compounded interest rates that exponentially increase your investment.

We offer high financial returns while mitigating risks because you invest in:
% interest or higher
projects portfolio
year for ROI
% Professionalism and aesthetics

We merge Market & Finance with Architecture & Construction.

"We've established a secure, systematic, and innovative methodology across various facets of construction, ensuring your desired return on investment within an optimal timeframe."


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For further information about investments and project development, please contact us by email to: inbestments@hypergenia.com

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  • GPD Business Center
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